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 Protect the Future of Sport

Stop Sports Data Piracy

Stealing money from sports

Data is the lifeblood of modern sport.

It is vital to how leagues, and clubs and other
sporting organisations:

  • Run their competitions
  • Protect their games from match-fixing
  • Create new revenues to be reinvested

But piracy is putting the funding of world sports at serious risk. 

What is official sports data?

Sports data is facts and information relating to a sports event, including schedules, standings, scores, plus all team and participant statistics.

Official sports data is sanctioned and approved by the sports’ governing body, guaranteeing its credibility and integrity.

Vital income for sports leagues, federations and clubs

The theft and piracy of official sports data sits at the heart of how sport is funded today.

Covid-19 has decimated the global sports industry’s revenues, stripping away crucial ticket, hospitality and other vital incomes.

As the sports industry looks to recover, it is vital that piracy is tackled to protect sport’s financial futures.

Sports united in fighting piracy

“We support measures taken by any of our clubs to safeguard their intellectual property and prevent sophisticated networks of unauthorised data collectors from operating in stadiums to steal data in breach of ticketing and ground conditions.

“This shadowy world of data piracy drains money away from the sport and threatens the integrity of the game.”

Bill Bush, Director of Policy,
English Premier League

Premier League

“Data will become a more valuable asset for any sport — and during the pandemic, every penny counts.

“It’s not just the Premier League, it’s cricket, horse-racing. This data is an important asset.”

Daniel Guthrie, Director General,
Alliance for Intellectual Property

Alliance for IP Logo

“The collection and use of illegitimate sports data is widespread. Data resellers utilise unauthorised scouts, ignore the existence of rights and data is obtained through many different illegal means. 

“This theft of live sports data and infringement of IP rights is now so commonplace that it is seen by some parts of our industry as legitimate business practice. It isn’t it damages sport, clubs and puts fans at risk.”

Mark Locke, CEO,
Genius Sports