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Damaging the Funding & Fairness
of Sport

What is sports data piracy?

Sports have the right to control what happens in their stadia; protecting their established IP is part of that right.

However, a growing demand for fast, accurate sports data has led to an increase in associated data piracy.

This theft occurs in three ways:

  1. The secret collection of live data from inside sports stadiums by unauthorised, unaccredited and undercover data scouts
  2. The use of drones to capture real-time video and unofficial data from outside stadia.
  3. The deliberate copying (scraping) of established official (licensed) data flows to power live betting products.

Data piracy
threatens sports integrity

If their data is being stolen, sports can’t control or sufficiently monitor the betting on their events.

Unofficial or stolen data is used by unlicensed sportsbooks who have no interest in protecting the fairness
and transparency of the sports we love, only making money from its fans.

What does data piracy look like?

Official data protects everyone

Official data partnerships that sports can protect and enforce benefit all parties.



Official data provides sports with a fair return from worldwide betting on their competitions that can be reinvested in the game.



Betting markets official data provide greater transparency which reduces the potential influence of criminal elements.



An agreed, verifiable source of sports data safeguards fans and ensures confidence in sports betting.



Faster, richer, more accurate data allows for more engaging betting products, helping regulated sportsbooks.